Do I need to pre-book a beer pong table?

You do not have to, but we do advice it. In the summer months most days we are fully booked. 

What happens if the table gets damaged?

Shit can happen we understand, but the table is our income. We ask a €125 deposit and if the table is damaged we do need to keep that.

When do I get my deposit back

When we pick the table up, the table is checked and you will get the deposit back

Can I buy the Beer Pong Table?

Do you like it so much? Yes you can keep the Beer Pong Table but better buy a new table for €199 with us

Will the table be delivered all over Malta

Yes all over Malta we deliver and even Gozo. Malta the cost is €6 and Gozo prices are on request. 

We want to do a Beer Pong Competition in Malta

Great, if you want to have Beer Pong tournaments on a regular basis, just contact us and we make a special price!

What are the rules of Beer Pong?

You can find the rules on our website and play according to those. Most friend groups make their own rules, make it FUN.

Is there a minimum age requirement for renting?

With Malta beer pong you can rent a table for a party for underage people. You can play beer pong with other non alcoholic drinks. We will ask for an adult to rent and sign the papers. 

Do you provide cleaning services?

Yes, we clean the table for you! 

What is the rental duration? 

Normal rental period is up to 24 hours, do you want the table for more days? Malta beer pong will make a special price for you!

What are the dimensions of the beer pong table?

The tables are ‎240 x 60 x 70 cm; 8.8 Kilograms. 

  • Lightweight and stable: thanks to the aluminium frame, the table is stable and also light; can hold up to 50 kg, the coated surface is easy to clean