At Malta Beer Pong, we offer affordable rental prices for our professional tables that are perfect for parties or events. Our standard rental rate for a table is €39 per day, This price also includes a set of 20 cups and 2 balls. For larger events or parties, we offer discounted rates for multiple table rentals. Our 2-table package is priced at €69 per day, while our 3-table package is €89 per day.

Professional beerpong table rental

Professional beerpong table rental provides a high-quality and enjoyable experience for parties and events.


Second table

Rent an extra table for the same night


Third table

Rent an more then 2 tables for the same night, every extra table is €20


Delivery and pickup

Delivery in Malta (Gozo on request)


Cup and ball refill pack

The Cup and Ball refill pack includes everything you need to keep the classic game going, including replacement balls and cups for hours of fun.


On-site beerpong referee service

On-site beerpong referee service provides a professional and fair judgement for all beerpong games, ensuring a fun and competitive experience for all players.

€20 ph